The right software

In coordination with our edge on fluids technology, Shear Fluids utilizes the expertise of the DecisionSpace, Well Engineering Software. This sophisticated software tool is ideal for monitoring a number of the processes involved with hydraulic analysis. This includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Modelling pressure losses across the circulating system of the rig and well pipe string.
  • Estimating equivalent circulating density across annular space.
  • Analysis of formation cuttings transport and its effect on ECD calculations across annular space.
  • Temperature considerations using 4 rheological models; fluid compressibility, Fann Viscometer readings at different temperature points, critical fluid velocity, and bit-nozzle size calculations for optimized rate of penetration.
  • String eccentricity effect, pipe roughness, dual-gradient operations and back-pressure for under-balanced operations.

What does this actually mean? It means that Shear Fluids can optimize the use of drilling mud in operations through the calculated integration and understanding of the science behind the processes. The use of this service is a deliverable to all clients for pre-planning and real-time analysis.

Shear Fluids’ unique process brings you from conception to realization. From the pre well planning to the end of well reports, your project is in good hands

the right abandonment chemistries

Shear Fluids utilizes the innovative technologies of ShearPLUG and ShearSET to address casing vent flow specific to abandonment chemistries.

But that’s not all, Shear Fluid’s industry experience and strong relationships with suppliers has made their services bridgeable into abandonment chemistries specifically focused on casing vent flow issues.


shear plug

A rigid gel structure that relies on its own cross linking polymer design and temperature activation to address casing vent flow issues.

It is robust and will not biodegrade, making it an optimal solution for a wide temperature range and in a variety of solutions.


shear set

A resin based, exothermic right angle set system that guarantees formulated setup times with predictability for pump and set times from 2 to 8 hours.

With the adaptability to work in environments from 10C to over 125C, and an widely adjustable density, Shear SET produces a final product with shear bond strengths greater than that of cement.