Our story

Shear Fluids is built on a foundation of passion and collaboration. Company founders Marco Mendonca and Drew Curtis-Smith came from a developed background at a major Canadian Drilling Fluids company, an environment which nurtured a functional team who were inspired to build something unique in the Drilling Fluids space. Shear Fluids provides an accessible feel to its technically backed business. By maintaining a specialized team of operations, Shear Fluids strives to deliver an intimate experience to their clients by delivering safe, cost effective and innovative solutions.

Shear Fluids has over 60+ years of industry experience, let us help you.

Our Team

President & Operations Manager

Marco Mendonca graduated from NAIT (Petroleum Engineering Technologist) in 1996. Marco began his career in Drilling Fluids as a mud man, through out Western Canada. His downtown career with a small fluids provider, had him handling safety, programming, operations and sales roles. Being involved in the growth of a small company into one of Canada’s largest, has given Marco the tools to deliver safe, cost effective and innovative solutions. Together with a major Western Canadian operator, he successfully implemented the first uses of weighted brine fluids to drill the Halfway, Doig, Montney and other formations.

Technical Manager

Curtis-Smith, co-founder of Shear Fluids, has an extensive background in drilling fluids that stems back to his attendance at Mud School in 2004. An intricate member of the team, Curtis-Smith delivers a knowledgeable skill set in an accessible manner.

VP Sales & Marketing

Oscar Alvarez has been in the Oil and Gas industry since 2002. He started on the drilling rigs in British Columbia, working up to a Driller Rig Tech until 2009. Most of Oscar’s field experience was drilling Montney, Doig, Cadomin & Nikanassin wells while running Base Oil Mud systems. In 2009 he was hired as a Technical Sales Representative for one of the largest Drilling contractors in Canada. In 2015 Shear Fluids hired Alvarez to help grow and expand the Sales & Marketing role. Alvarez is just the right type of individual to field your questions and needs. With an intricate awareness of the industry and more than suitable background in drilling fluids, Alvarez knows how to communicate solutions to your drilling problems in a digestible fashion.

VP Technology

Hale builds upon the technical expertise at Shear fluids with applied chemical experience and a practical approach to drilling fluids. In the early 2000’s, his oilfield career began in mud plants and docks on the East Coast. Hale graduated with a bachelor of science from Mount Allison University in 2006 and began work running mud in Alberta. Hale has been involved with setting up mud labs, designing mud systems and field test procedures, troubleshooting field problems, product selection and QC, the invention and development of new drilling fluids products, and instructing mud schools amongst other projects.

Shear Safety

Shear Fluids makes safety an upmost priority in all of its operations. As a current SECOR holder, Shear Fluids also complies to regulations of both ISNetworld and Comply Works. All field personnel strongly adhere to our own Shear Safety manual, including performing spot checks and safety moments.